Friday, December 25, 2015

An Overview of The Use Of HCG Hormones For Weight Loss

Obesity has turned out to be an epidemic all across the world due to some reasons. Obesity is a medical condition where a person accumulates so much of fat that it can have a negative effect on the body. 

When a person’s body weight is 20% more than what it should be, he or she is called an obese. A person’s obesity state is calculated with Body Mass Index or BMI. Being overweight can be extremely dangerous health wise and lead to serious illnesses.
With excess weight the body becomes unfit and looks fat. Bodily a person does not look attractive anymore, and that affects the person’s confidence levels. That is the reason that people with excess weight continuously try to shed off his weight through different ways.

HCG the primary hormone
From healthy diets to vigorous exercise regimes to surgeries, we often try a variety of ways suggested by experts but nothing seems to work effectively and for a long time.  However, HCG drops have provided some desired results in many and is recognized as an effective solution.
 So what are HCG drops? Many think it must be one of the many medications that are invasive in nature. They use a lot of chemicals and medicines to shed the extra weight and therefore, think HCG to be the same, but they are wrong.
HCG is a weight loss solution, which occurs naturally in the human body. It is no medication or chemical compound that many think it to be. It is completely a natural product of the human body itself and far more effective way of weight loss than the other medicines.
The full form of HCG is Human Chronic Gonadotropin. This hormone is manufactured inside the female body itself. It is found in abundance during the pregnancy months. Therefore is completely natural and seen to produce effective results when used for weight loss.
This protein based hormone is secreted in the female during pregnancy and helps in the nourishment of the human egg. It also helps during the period of ovulation when the human egg is released. Thus is very important to the human reproduction process.
Researchers across the globe have established that the hormone can be effectively used to cure infertility in women. It also helps in the increase of the sperm count in men. Therefore, the hormone is very effective treatment for infertility too.

The usage
Recently, “Big Source Laboratory” a multinational drug manufacturing company is offering these HCG hormones inform of medicines and have known to treat people with weight issues or obesity. The medicine also works effectively with obese syndromes as it curbs the craving for food.
The HCG drops are designed with a five hundred calorie diet that is known to produce effective results in weight loss. They are also available as an injection for faster effect. However, one must consult a physician before using the Hormone.
HCG hormones are not prescribed like other medicines. Doctors treat patients with an individualistic approach. A physician will first review the condition of the patient and then according chalk out a plan for usage.

More useful information about the usage and other necessary queries is available on Readers may read the available reviews of the product before giving it a try.